Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of school

Emme, 2nd grade
Clee, 1st grade

Emme and Clee started their first day at a new school. It's a performing arts magnet school like the school Emme went to in Connecticut, so she was pretty excited. We're experiencing minor issues with Clee and the new school system (Lori, I might need your expertise?) but hopefully everything will work out soon. I all can say is that is was extremely hard for me to leave him at school this morning... sniff, sniff. :(
Aside from our Clee issues, I'm happy we can finally start having a routine again. Woohoo!
Ah, I love the first day of school.


april said...

so how much is emme loving the no uniform thing? glad you're back on a schedule and i hope you are able to work things out for clee soon. i can only imagine how hard it was to leave him. i just hope you at the very least get good people. once jake was in a district without the best student teacher ratio - but the people who worked with him were so devoted that it made up for a lot. keep us posted on his schooling; we're all hoping good things for you.

p.s. and yes, rock on with that pink flamingo. i thought people had them in the west palm beach area.

Amanda L. said...

where did you get emme's tights? love them.

first day of school is hard..hoping everything works out for Clee.

love you guys! hooray for routines.

what ARE you going to do?

Tice said...

Hooray for the first day of school! I love Emme's outfit. And I know you're loving this no uniform thing. :)

Good luck with Clee.

LuntRunts said...

So, your kids could model for PB Kids. So cute!

Elaine said...

I also love Emme's outfit - love the tights. And her hair is so long now - looks great! Clee is handsome as always and of course, Andrew is the cutest evah!