Sunday, August 17, 2008

The birth story of Clemon- 6 years later

Dear Clemon,
So the story goes, it was the end of December 2001 when we found out we were expecting you. We were in complete shock! Tice was actually the one who suggested I take a pregnancy test, and it didn't even take 10 seconds for that sucker to turn positive! Emme was only 9 months at the time. She was quite a handful with her free spirit personality, I couldn't wrap my head around having two babies 17 months apart.
Your due date was August 22, 2002, our little summer baby.
When we found out we were having a boy, we immediately knew you were going to be named Clemon Fielding Sirmans IV and you would go by Fielding for short.
By summer of 2002 I was big, consistently hot, and grouchity. That particular summer turned out to be a record breaking heat wave. To beat the heat, Emme and I would spend most of our 105 degree summer days eating lots of Popsicles while hanging out in her tiny wadding pool that wasn't big enough for a 8-9 month pregnant gal, if ya know what I'm sayin'. By mid August, I was done with being pregnant.
Finally, on Friday, August 16th, after a long walk around Liberty park and some orange chicken from Panda Express, I went into labor around 7:45 pm. The labor pains felt more like a back ache so I didn't officially know I was in labor until midnight. Grandma Gerri and Emme were awake and comforting me throughout the middle of the night while Daddy peacefully slept (typical male). At 3:30 am, I was ready to go to the hospital, so Daddy had to wake up and drive us there.
Now, the way I remember it, Daddy was coasting, not driving, coasting along 700 east going 20 mph when the speed limit was 40 mph while I yelled at him to go faster between contractions. Daddy remembers it differently, but it's my blog so my version is what you'll hear. We made it to the hospital, and awoke aunt Tice (she was our early morning trooper) by phone to come up and hang out with Emme while we waited for your arrival.
You were born at 7:09 am on that clear and hot Saturday morning. After meeting you for the first time, we instantly nixed the idea of calling you Fielding and started to call you Clee. You had me head over heels in love with you from the first moment we met, some things never change. Other than your swollen lips (Grandpa joking called you Mick Jaggar of the Rolling Stones) you were perfect.
As soon as you were born, I felt a overwhelming sense of peace by your presence. There was no denying that you were a very special little boy. You've proved that to be true in so many ways.
In the past 6 years, we've grown together, experienced new and unexpected things together, taught each other, laughed together or at each other, and loved each other unconditionally.
Clee, you've taught our family how to accept and appreciate one another for who we are, and not what we thought we would be. We are so happy you came to us!
You are one amazing little boy, Clemon. Happy Birthday! We love you bud.


sorichfamily said...

happy birthday sweet clee!! i just loved reading this! it is so fun to hear of how someone came into the world. i totally had goosebumps! what a wonderful boy and what a fun addition to your great family! we love you and miss you terribly!! but we hope you have fun celebrating! :)

Grandma Gerri said...

Happy Birthday Clee, it was a great day!!!!

april said...

happy birthday!! you're right, definitely a clee, not fielding. it was great to hear the story and he certainly is a special boy. well said, natalie.

Tice said...

Happy Birthday Clee! I can't believe it's already been six years since you were born.

ps- I love seeing that picture of Emme and Clee after his birth. She's so teeny tiny. And what a great big sister!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Clee! You sound like one cool kid, I wish I could meet you! I loved what you wrote about him, Natalie. Wonderful stuff!