Monday, August 11, 2008

Home sweet home

Home. Where we live.
Kitchen. Where we prepare our meals.
Dining room. Where we eat our meals.
Master bedroom. Where Fiel, Natalie, and sometimes Andrew sleep.
Living room. Where we lounge and watch our shows.
Kiddies bathroom. Where the kiddies have their baths.
Clee's bedroom. Where Clee sleeps, and chills.
Emme's room. Where Emme and sometimes Andrew sleep and play.


Mexicutioner's Mom said...

very nice.

sorichfamily said...

love all of it! we really miss you, but it looks like you are doing just fine!! say hi to all your cuties for us!

Tice said...

Very cute. Can't wait to visit and prepare meals in your kitchen. And watch shows in the living room. And sleep in...Emme's room? Clee's room?

We miss y'all. Glad you're lovin Flarda.

LuntRunts said...

Emme's room is so cute!

Lori said...

The whole thing is cute! I heard Clee likes his room and sleeps now! That's gotta be GREAT!

april said...

looks great. so does andrew have a room or does he just like to wander into others beds? hope you are settling in well. we miss you.

i read breaking dawn too. we'll have to chat about it. it's not at all what i expected. it was a good read.

Amanda L. said...

girl! nice place. so does tha tmean you are cooking?