Sunday, August 17, 2008

How we celebrated Clee's B Day

We went to St George, Florida for Clee's Birthday. He loves to play with sand and water, the beach was a perfect place for him to celebrate his day.

My mom came down from Utah to celebrate Clee's birthday with us. 
Fiel and Lane.

Emme, with her amazing sand castle. 
Andrew, with the sand castle he made just for me. Look closer, it's there.
Clee's Birthday cake. Emme choose the American theme.
Clee making a silly face sitting by his cake. Clee had a great Birthday. 


Grandma Gerri said...

Good Times, and his happiness spilled over into today too! Bonus!!!

Tice said...

Happy Birthday Claymoon! I mean, Cleemone. Uh..Happy Birthday Clee. You sure are cute in your old age.

shiveco said...

No bad, happiness is the best think that u guys can have, but remember! is no funn hert some body.