Monday, August 25, 2008

Our day with Fay

So. Here we are. 
Playing in what we thought was our Tropical Storm Fay everyone was talking about.
Sandbags? Please. This was going to be a breeze.
We were having so much fun. Clee thought he was in heaven.
Two hours later, this is what I walked into...
Yes, that's my baby in 13 inches of water (It got a lot worse) with some of our belongings, and our garbage floating around it. 
There was only a small puddle of water near the garage door twenty minutes before this picture was taken. Crazy, right?
Hey look, Fiel's tools are floating away. Ha!
We obviously needed to get my van and Elaine's car out of the garage before they were completely flooded. I took Elaine's out first because I thought hers would be the one that would have all the problems getting out of our lake and into safety. Her poor car had 4 to 5 inches of water covering the floor, but she made it out safe and sound with a little floating above ground along the way. We had to have some fun right?
 My van was next to rescue. Although she only had water in trunk, she couldn't even make it out of the driveway before she died. To be honest, I was so made at her! Elaine's wimpy (no offense Elaine) little XB made it up the street with no effort, but my van couldn't make it down the drive way before she gave up. Thankfully, our nice neighbors pushed her out to safety. Can I get an amen for energetic college boys? 
My van was in bad shape. I was so worried about her. Sniff, sniff.
The view from our front porch. 
Poor Clee. All of this water around him and wasn't able to play in it. It was torture I tell ya!
My mom in front of the house. She's had the best first trip to Florida ever!
Brittany and Alex were nice enough to come help us, bring us sandbags, dinner, and some supplies. Thanks you two! The Oreo's and Diet Coke were a hit! 
I really needed a Diet coke that night, could you tell?
Here's my Mom taking a break from the insanity of Fay. 
Here's the house. Front and center from all the action. You wouldn't believe all of the fools lining up in their trucks all along the road just to take a picture. Sheesh.

Here's Candace and Renee enjoying our lake. Thanks again girls for the supplies.
No. That's not fancy two toned paint you see in our garage, (Alex should consider that?Kidding) It's the water stains left from our visit with Fay. Thankfully, she was gone by early Sunday afternoon. We spent our Sunday cleaning out the cars and the garage. We only lost some pictures that we can replace and a few nicknack's in the flood, so we were in pretty good shape, but my poor van wasn't.
Daddy worked on her for hours last night. A new filter, spark plugs, oil change and some other car stuff later, she's back to normal... we think. Haven't fully tested her out yet. We're giving her time to recuperate from her trauma. 
We survived our first tropical storm. Lets hope hurricane season will be good to us from now on. 


Lori said...

Oh my poor Natalie! Two weeks after we moved to Louisiana that happened to us. I still remember the trash cans floating down the road. Too bad about the van, but good thinking on moving Mom's out first!

Kim and Stace said...

Natalie...WOW!!!!! I have never seen flooding so bad other than on the news! I wish we could have helped in some way :(...and gone tubing too...! ;)
Now that we are back in town maybe we can finally hang :) Your house is really cute. I'm just sorry for you that you've only been here 2 weeks and this happened...dang!

april said...

holy smokes! holy macaroni! (and other batman explitive you can think of - since i know you love that batman trivia).

really, nat, i'm a little speechless. i thought there was more randomness to those flooding; now i'm worried this will be something you deal with often. sorry you don't live in my house with the hugely slanted backyard (it does prevent flooding - things would have to be pretty bad before my house would flood from rain). i did love the pic of candace and friend floating in the lake. glad you and kids got some enjoyment out of the pre-deluge. good luck!!

Tice said... Candace has all the fun. :)

Elaine said...

Natalie, you did such a good job taking care of all this flooding. Thanks much for getting my car out! And no, I did not know she could float! You are a good sport, girl! Keep it up! And the best thing is that no one was hurt. Blessings there.

Karen said...

Wow, that's insane! It looks like your street just sits lower than alot of the surrounding area, no good. :( Good luck, and sounds like you guys handled it well!

shiveco said...

Waaoo.. thas crazy, but take it in a good way.