Saturday, September 20, 2008

blaming the nonverbal brother will only get you so far

Dear Clemon,
"Clee did it" has become one of your brothers many classic catch phrases. And contrary to his belief, I'm wise on his plot to blame you for his wrong doings. I know Andrew's pattern for destruction as well as I know yours. 
I'm sorry to say that this weekend I let my guard down. Someone was passing some rancid gas in the car and Andrew said it was you. I believed him because normally it is you, bud. 
Every time the car filled up with funkish smells, we would wail "Aw Clee! Thats awful!" and roll down the windows. You just smiled your dazzling smile and paid no mind to our gripes and howls throughout the day. 
Well, the truth came out literally when I was lying down with Andrew. We were alone in my bed when suddenly I smelled the exact same scent from the car. And then it happened again, and again. I asked Andrew if he was passing gas he said "no. it's Clee from upstairs". That little boy is sly, I tell ya. 
I feel so bad for blaming you all day today when it was Andrew all along. Do you forgive me? This is something a package of Starburst candies can fix, right? 


Grandma Gerri said...

Doesn't Starburst fix everything? Yeah and I'm wise to the whole Clee did it thing with Andrew.

tice said...

I gotta admit, Clee, I might have blamed you too. I mean, you're cute and all buddy but you sure can let the stinky ones rip.

And Andrew, you're wise to think that your mom doesn't know any better. But for gosh sakes if Clee's upstairs, think of a better scapegoat, m'kay?

Oh and I think this one deserves starburst AND skittles. It's one thing to be blamed for knocking the soda off the table. It's a whole other thing to take the blame for someone's rancid toots. Right?

april said...

hysterical! i once had a little girl we were babysitting tell us that jake was not sharing. kind of a hard sell. i'm sure clee is glad to have gotten some candy out of it.

Lori said...

Nice try, Andrew! Now that they know your antics you're going to have think higher.

Clee, what can I say? Kirk has started blaming Skipper for a few of his "accidents."