Friday, September 26, 2008

Bored, much?

Tice, here is a collection of possibilities I chose especially for your Birthday.
Turning 30 is a big deal, right? A lot of thought has to go into every detail when it comes to blinging out Bertha's rump. Hopefully some of these will make the cut.

If you can't tell, this here is a Twilight sticker. Um, doesn't everyone need one of these?
Something political, and awesome! 

You have to be a good aunt and support your favorite nephew. 
He expects it from you.

Girl, I wish ninjas frequently attacked my car!
You so are.
Doesn't this one my you all warm and fuzzy? Emme likes this one.
Showin' your roots is always a plus.
This one really should be from Candace. 

Thats all I've got for now. My quest continues... 


april said...

so what does it say on the t-shirt of the first one. i love how it looks like the unicorn is farting hearts. although, i think the ninja one is probably my fave for now (and the autism one of course). i would like to see tice driving around the northeast with a confederate flag - that would be daring. at least she's in new england not new york.

natalie said...

@April- The shirt says Team Edward. I'm lame. I heart the ninja one too! I think Fiel needs that one for his car as well...

caroline said...

On the horse bumper sticker i have to agree woth emme it is very bright and if you imeadiately stoped the car the person behind you would deffinitly stop! hey i know this is weird but is the horse by any chance ,ehemm, farting out hearts? just wondering!