Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boy, what do you think I am?

Candy corn. Most people think of halloween when it comes to this delicious candy, but not I. 
I think of this little guy... and the bathroom.

Oh yeah, candy corn reminds me of the bathroom, let me explain why. Every time Clee uses the bathroom on the toilet, he gets one candy corn as a reward. He never lets me forget the candy corn, he uses sign language to tell me he's ready for candy. When he doesn't actually use the potty or potty's on the floor, he gets no candy. This works most of the time, but not today.
Today he decided to intentionally potty on the bathroom floor instead of walking three more steps to sit on the potty. He looked at me and laughed when he saw my reaction. While I was cleaning up his mess and mumbling obscenities under my breath, he came up to me, got my attention and signed "candy". Pa-shaw! As if he was going to get candy after using the bathroom floor as his own urinal. 
I told him no and he did the sign again, and again, and again, and...well you get the picture.
When he finally realized I wasn't giving in and signing for candy wasn't enough, he gave me a big kiss and hug. Oh... don't let the autism fool you. He knows what he's doing. This boy is suave.
He thought he had me until I looked him directly in the eyes and said "No. Candy. Clemon."
This seemed to work, he stomped his foot, grabbed his ear and walked away.
I actually did it. I didn't give into his charming ways! What does this mean? Does it mean I'm not really the love fool he thinks I am? Not entirely. I think I'll always be a love fool for him, but a much wiser one from now on.
As for Clee, don't feel too bad for him. He went to the potty later and earned his candy corn.
The picture above is Clee and yours truly giving the candy sign. 
This is how he shows me he wants candy after he uses the bathroom. 


Grandma Gerri said...

Our Clee is definitely a charmer for sure!

april said...

love it!!! i'm sure that was quite the challenge to not give into his charm. he is is such a charmer. but yeah, i know what you mean, he knew what he was doing.

Elaine said...

Well, we do know how smart that boy is! And how charming! But you did it Natalie - you taught him - good for you.

Lori said...

Go Nat! Go Nat! We'll teach those "Charmers" one day at a time! I wonder if candy corns would work to get Kirk on the school bus? I'll have to try. Talk about a charmer. "Please, Mama," with tears running out of his eyes, "I'll be happy if you take me just for today." Man, I'm a sucker!

Amanda L. said...

Good job Clee!! That is great. God job to you Nat too! Miss his smile!