Saturday, September 27, 2008

confessions of a kiddie show watcher

Andrew is a fan of the New Orleans based kids band Imagination Movers and has followed their career for the last year or so. He was super excited when Imagination Movers landed their own television show on the Disney channel. 
I'll admit, I've been known to sing and dance along to their catchy tunes about favorite snacks, and bed time, but I thought the show was going to be as lame as dare I say The Doodlebops (Andrew's favorite in toddlerhood)? I wasn't going to sit through that kind of torture evah again. Well to my surprise, the show is quite entertaining. I've even caught myself watching it alone once or twice. Now does this mean I need to get a life and socialize with the adult population more often? Probably, but don't judge until you see it for yourself. Or go ahead and judge, I've admitted to worse. 


jennah said...

Ummm, yeah. A little bit of a life wouldn't hurt. I say this cuz sistah, I know where your coming from!

The Sanders Family said...

We love them as well. I haven't watched it alone, but hey I don't get the alone time I'd like. Ya never know, if ya lived here we just may ditch our kids so we could watch it together.

april said...

i only know their "i love my mommy, i love (or is it want)my teddy bear" song, but i liked it. years ago, i would find myself singing along to the kids CD in the car even if i was by myself. nowadays i tend to make my kids listen to my music (i know mean mommy).