Monday, September 15, 2008

post edited for Andrew's approval

Dear Tycen
Howdy. Aunt Natalie here typing for Andrew. Last week during a telephone call, you and Andrew exchanged plans for you to come to our house. Since then, Andrew has impatiently awaited for your arrival. He thinks you're lost in Delaware (oh the horror! only kidding). Are you lost in Delaware? 
He has your days already planned out with what to play and what to watch. Imagination Movers has a delightful new show on the Disney Channel that Andrew wants to watch with you, also he has a new Jesse McCartney song he thinks you'd enjoy. 
Andrew requests that you kindly reply back to him about your travel plans. 
Thank you. 
A.W Sirmans the first


Tice said...

Dearest Andrew,

(through tears) I wanna go now to Florida. Now, I said, Mommy. Where is Andrew? Why isn't he here? Do you wanna watch Goosebumps with me?


Tycen T. Terd

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

Tycen, just send Andrew a Dr. Pepper (or terpepper, you choose) that fixes everything:)

Elaine said...

Hey, I want to see everybody! After Sally left on Sunday, Papa and I were very homesick!

Lori said...

Dear Tycen,
If you go to Florida via Delaware you better stop by and pick me up, too!
Mrs. Aunt Lori

Grandma Gerri said...

Poor little guys!!!!