Wednesday, September 10, 2008

one obsessed girlie

Apple unveiled it's newest nano yesterday (Fiel was so cute waiting for the announcement, hee hee) and my first reaction was "Boo. It's not as cute as mine is :( ", but now I so want one after finding out what it can do. Che-che-check it out. The cheeper version comes now in every color, creates it's own playlists according to one song of choice, has the flippy screen like the ipod touch (very cool), and the best thing of all... it comes in a gorgeous shade of pink. Has awesome is that? 
So now, when you're feeling like you luv and adore me and want to get me something pretty and functional, all you have to do is buy me a new pink nano? Easy, right? Come on... you know you want to. 


Grandma Gerri said...

I'm partcial to the purple myself. I'll bet Emme agrees.

tice said...

Um...not the pink. I'd say I choose the blue. But nothing beats my awesome nano. Inscription and all.

natalie said...

@Tice- So true... Your inscription is amazing. I really don't think I could ever part with my cute ittybitty ipod, it's just too dang cute!