Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Land of the free. A witness of inspiration.

It all started around 1:20 this afternoon. We were on our way to pick up Emme and Clee from school when we stopped at an intersection. As we were sitting in the left turning lane, I glanced over to the opposite side of the road. And there he was. A 70ish year old bald male with a white beard, riding his vintage bicycle in his designated lane. 
If you're wondering if I am amazed that a man in his 70's can ride a bike, I'm not...well, maybe a little, but the story gets better, or lamer. That's for you to judge. 
Getting back to my amazing eye witness. The man pedaled swiftly down the bike lane, shirtless with his tan, plump upper body lathered in what looked like baby oil, wearing nothing but a revealing thong like speedo, knee socks, and sunglasses. He was awesome. 
I was ready to take a picture (ahem, after following the man for half a mile) right when the battery from the camera. Bummer. 
Seeing this man strutting what he's got, paying no mind to the people gawking at him made me appreciate the freedom we have to be yourselves. He was truly inspiring. Did he inspire me to go for a bike ride wearing nothing but a bikini and knee socks? Perhaps one day, but for now I'll just be thankful to be an American. I love our home of the free! 


Mexicutioner's Mom said...

whoo hoo!! I need me a man like this. Florida, is it?

natalie said...

@MM- If it's the older nudie type men you're into, then Florida's the right place for you. ;) Invite some lady pals, there's enough to go around.

Lindsey Montague said...

You are hilarous!! It's fun to see your gorgeous kids. I want to hear all, so I guess I'll read on... Visit my blog any time!

Lori said...

Welcome to the South! That's why I love it there. There is always somebody around to amuse the boring ones like me!