Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This post contains the frequent use of the word middle finger, and may altar your views on my parenting credibility.

 I've got a problem, and like usual his name is Andrew. He loves to watch power rangers, guitar hero songs, and Jesse McCartney music videos on youtube. I'm normally good(ish) at monitoring what he views on youtube but something fell through the cracks of my parental control over the weekend. He started to show me his middle finger this past Sunday (our righteous son), and has shown it to a few others (ahem, Candace) since. Tisk tisk, bud. 
After he admitting he saw Alvin and the Chipmunks giving the middle finger on youtube, and me explaining to him that his middle finger is not another way to give "thumbs up" he still doesn't get why it's so bad. "Why are you looking at me like that, mommy? It's just my fingers, mommy. It can't kill you." he says as he's flipping me the bird. Nice. Real nice.
In Andrew's defense, he really believes that it's just another "thumbs up" or "high five".
Maybe he just likes the reaction he gets from me when he does this? Has anyone out there in blogland experienced such vulgar use of a finger from their three year old? If so, are they now considered to be "respectable citizens"?
As for Youtube, it's no longer available for little ones viewing at the Sirmans house indefinitely.


Mexicutioner's Mom said...

You may want to check this little site out: totlol.com

april said...

this too shall pass. for me a total outsider, i get to chuckle. someday soon you will too.

i talk so much with my hands i hate to think what i would be inadvertantly saying to people if i traveled around the world.

natalie said...

@MM- thanks for link!

Amanda L. said...

that Andrew makes me laugh out loud! i can totally hear him say "what mom? it's just my fingers..it can't kill you". hilarious.

Posey came home from kingergarten one day and told me she saw someone at school do it...so we kind of had a chat about it. No good advice here. Sorry.

Grandma Gerri said...

I guess you'll have to watch U-Tube with him from now on. That should limit his watching time, Huh?