Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mom: What are you doing?
Emme: Picking out the stuff (ear wax) in my ears.
Mom: What?! I want to do that. Come here!
Emme: Oh I don't think so. Stay away! Why would you want to do it anyway? It disgusting.
Mom: I love cleaning out ears. I find it fascinating. 
Emme: Correction. Your disgusting. 
Mom: Yea. So?


Betsy said...

Oh if only my boys would clean out their own ears! ha! None of them do that! Maybe it's because they ARE boys! :)

Annemarie Allen said...

Hi Natalie, Yes of course I remember you. We had so much fun going VT. Who would have known that I would have a son who also has autism. I love reading about Clee and him biting the erasers off of the pencils. Andrew loves to hold pencils and wave them around like a wand or a light saber.

Emme is quite the cutie pie I love the conversations that you have with her and all your children. you are an inspiration to me to make life fun and have a sense of humor about whatever happens. i too love to clean out ears, maybe it's a mom thing????

I'm glad you shared your thoughts on my blog, it truly ment a lot to me. I would love to hear from you more.

My email is

Grandma Gerri said...

See you did learn from your mommy after all.