Monday, September 29, 2008


We went to Pearson, GA this past Sunday to visit the Sirmans family (CF's siblings). When I mentioned to Andrew we were going to see Papa's brother and sister and where Papa grew up, he instantly thought Papa was going to be there. We all told him Papa was in Utah (everyday conversation) and wasn't going to be in Pearson today, but he paid no mind to what we had to say. He took the disappointment that Papa was indeed not there better than expected. He said , and I quote "Oh well, maybe later Papa will come." 
We spent most of the day hanging out chatting while lots of little "youngin's" played. It felt like a typical Sunday for our Sirmans family.  
Candace, Berk, Renee, and I went to check out Grannies house where Papa grew up down the dirt road from Uncle Stevie's. Emme later saw the picture and said " I could never imagine Papa living there. He likes things to be neat." I explained to her that the house has been vacant for years and was better kept when Granny lived there. She was relived. Andrew on the other hand wants Papa and him to live in the house just the way it is. 

The big highlight for Emme was she finally talked me into taking her out to drive one of the golf carts the Pearson Sirmans' use to get from one another's houses. She did pretty good except for almost hitting a parked truck. 
Someone mysteriously placed this window sticker on my van sometime during our trip. Wonder who it could have been...
Uncle Stevie let the kids feed the fish in the pond, they loved it! We saw bass, a turtle, and a huge cat fish. Andrew has already started practicing fishing for the next time we go. 
Candace pretended to throw Emme into the pond and Andrew tried to rescue her.
he was captured instead.
Luckily for Andrew, Uncle Stevie was there to save him. 
A good time was had by all! We can't wait to go back soon.


april said...

how fun!!! glad you were able to hang out with family. i love going and seeing my grandma's brother in upstate new york. he lives where my grandma grew up and always have such a good time with everyone.

Tice said...

This is making me miss Pearson. Anybody wanna share a trailer with me down there?

Lori said...

Granny's house looks so forlorn and lonely. I mean it, someone needs to push it over and rebuild with the same exact floor plan. Maybe expand it so we can go there and have our Thanksgiving reunions.
That would be fun.