Friday, September 19, 2008

So I had this dream

Have you ever woke up from a dream and think to yourself "Huh?! What the freak was that?" It happens to me all of the time. Seriously, all of the time. 
Earlier this morning around 4ish I woke up from a super crazy dream. Have you ever scene Weekend At Bernies? If you haven't, you really shouldn't bother.
 Anyway in my dream, I was at Bernie's beach house and I was desperately trying to find Bernie. You see, I was furious with him for stealing my bright green high heels with little white bows on the side. I walked into the living room and ran into Andrew McCarthy's character. He said Bernie gave my shoes to Target and they were selling them for $2000. Then he offered me a ride to Target in Bernie's red golf cart. I said "No. I'll take the subway!" and thats were I woke up. 
1.I don't own a pair of bright green high heels with little white bows, but I kinda wish I did. 
2. Why would Bernie want "my" green high heeled shoes? Unless he was a tranny, then it would make sense.
3. Back in 1989, I would have gone anywhere with Andrew McCarthy. He was my first celeb crush, and I bet I wasn't the only one right ladies?
4. Forget Mr. McCarthy, I would go to Target with anyone. 
5. Are their subways in California? No really, are there?
***Correction. Fielding Dear has just informed me that Weekend At Bernie's took place in New York, not in Cali. So I guess the subway thing is somewhat normal. Also, he thought I should correct my mistake instead of taking the time to do this here side note. Boo.***


The Sanders Family said...

You crack me up. I still need to call and get your new address.

Tice said...

I really, _really_ wish I had bright green high heels with white bows on them. I think I could then say that my life is complete.

Grandma Gerri said...

Ladies where would you wear such shoes and more important what would you wear them with!

Nat you have always had weird dreams but this one is really weird have you watched this movie lately?