Monday, September 29, 2008

There's a remote thief around these parts

The Sirmans' are in an uproar! A few days ago the bedroom remote went missing. We (Fiel) searched high and low and it remains missing in action. Today, remote tragedy has struck again! The livingroom remote went missing this morning. The time of disappearance is unknown, the thief behind these thefts is still at large. 
Now we have two remotes missing and one husband scratching his head at the limited clues that were presented to him. 
Clue #1- Emme has threatened to hide the remotes away from him so he wouldn't be able to "hog" the TV when she got home from school. This clue has placed her as suspect #1. 
Clue #2- Andrew asked me to turn on the TV this morning while I was still sleeping. I ignored his request and he was easily distracted by itunes. He usually brings the remote to me when he wants the TV on so that places him as suspect #2. The boy can work his way around a computer but heaven forbid he learns how to work a remote, right?
Fiel has been on the hunt for these remotes all day, interrogating everyone who crosses his path. He is in serious distraught. How will he able to watch television ever again? I feel his pain. Sigh, the search continues... 
Fiel and Emme found not just one but both remotes while I was typing up this here post! Whew. That was a close one. They found one under Andrew's air mattress and one mixed in with our bed sheets.  Looks like Andrew was guilty of both crimes and will sentenced to a fun loving tackle followed by laugh 'til it hurts tickles. We take our punishments very seriously as you can plainly see. 


Grandma Gerri said...

Horrors, I'm glad you found them!

Betsy said...

Too funny! At least you found yours! We had two one time that we velcro-d together because they were both for one room (tv/cable) and wouldn't you know they went missing and we never did find them! Never! That was two tv's ago and quite a few years.

Tice said...

And all this time I was blaming Clee. Shame on me!

april said...

what's sad is that our t.v. is so old that its remote died years ago and the next several ones after that died so fast that we stopped buying remotes. so we can change channels through the VCR but no volume control or on/off switch. what's funny is one time at a hotel i found myself standing up to turn T.V. off when the remote was in my hand.

Amanda L. said...

we have remote hiders as well.

naughty kids.

they should let their parents watch tv!