Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This post is just about Emme, and what's been going on in her "ever so boring" life.
  • She now takes the bus home from school and loathes it. 
  • She enjoys spending her down time performing Hannah and High School Musical songs to the family. I join in on occasion. 
  • She misses and I quote "Grandma, Grammy, Papa, Jack, Kylie, even Tice, Rex, and Lane" very much.
  • She loves Aunt Karen's pool, and going to Chuckie Cheeses with Candace and "Er-nay" (Renee).
  • She's so happy that she can still have sleepovers, thanks to Candice, Elaine, and Karen. 
  • She's counting down the days 'til Grammy and Papa come back and our road trip to Utah for Christmas. Also, she believes that flying to Utah is the best way to go.
  • She's amazed that their are two Elaine Sirmans and she knows both of them. 
  • She's the only one in her class that got a perfect score on the math test. She's convinced that she's the smartest kid in her class. I agree. 
  • She's been begging me to enroll her in voice, dance, cheerleading, golf, and karate. I've told her several times that I will look into it, but always seem to forget. She points that out daily. 
  • She's been my right hand gal when it comes to making me feel appreciated, and whipping our boys into shape and I couldn't ask for a better right hand gal. 


Tice said...

I LOVE the "even Tice". That was awesome, Emme. And we miss you too. And hope you're loving your life in Flow-rydah.

Grandma Gerri said...

She is very smart and I miss her and all of you too.