Thursday, September 25, 2008

a year late

I've been wanting to see "Across The Universe" for a year now, and I'm happy to say that earlier this week I finally buckled down and watched it. 
As weird and crazy as this film was, I loved it! Loved it, I tell you! It left me singing Beatles songs, thinking I should go bowling, craving strawberries, and wanting the movie soundtrack (Christmas gift anyone?). Seriously, amazing tunes. I was singing along loudly throughout the whole movie. Hmm... maybe it was a good thing I watched it at home instead of subjecting paying customers to my awesome singing at the local movie theater. You're welcome America. 
Did I mention how much I loved this movie? 

random side: Watched season premier of The Office tonight and it was awe-some. My feelings? Sigh...I heart Jim and Pam. Math is hard. Poor, poor Toby :(


Tice said...

Across the Universe was a strange movie. I think I enjoyed the soundtrack way more than the actual film.

I'll be watching the Office tomorrow. Along with Grey's Anatomy. I now shall be looking for Toby's troubles. :)

april said...

i forgot that i wanted to see this too. i'll have to put it on my netflix que.