Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 things

A friend of mine did a post on 100 things about herself, and I thought the idea was great. Since I am having a hard time trying to come up with 100 things about yours truly, I decided to redirect my thoughts and post 10 things about each of my little ones. I'm sure that's what the grandparents would prefer anyway. I'll get around to a 100 things post about me eventually...

10 things about Emme:
1. She was named 13 years before she was born. "Huh?" you're saying to yourself? Let me explain. When I was seven years old, I fell the love with the movie Mannequin. The lead character's name was Emmy and like the movie, I fell in love with the name. I knew at age 7 (the age Emme is now) I was going to have a little girl named Emmy. It wasn't until 1997 that I decided I liked the spelling of Emme more than Emmy. That was the only change. I'm still in love with the name today. 
2. From birth to age 4, she would lightly pinch her neck when she would fall asleep. She would also pinch the neck of the person who was laying down with her.
3. She is an amazing and creative artist.
4. She's loved the color purple since before she could speak. 
5. She wants to be a pop star when she grows up, and wants me as her makeup artist and dad and uncle Rex as her bodyguards.
6. Her favorite city is New York City.
7. Her eyes match mine. I never knew just how pretty my eyes were until I looked into hers for the first time. Don't mean to brag or anything...
8. Her favorite song is Fly On The Wall by none other than Miley Cyrus.
9. She and I are planning to one day see Wicked on Broadway together. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.
10. Her favorite possession is Kit, her American Girl doll.

10 things about Clee:
1. He was the only one of my children that I went into natural labor with. 
2. He loved the baby swing as a baby (what's with this kid and swings?).
3. From birth to age 4, he played with his and others ear lobes as a calming mechanism.
4. He still has an ear fetish. 
5. He can swing for hours, and hours, and hours. We've put this test into theory. 
6. He's drawn to water. 
7. The only movie he'll sit down and watch (even if its for just a few minutes) is Nightmare Before Christmas.
8. He's got the charming his mother thing down to a science.
9. He prefers the color orange. 
10. Last year during our roadtrip back from Utah, the only thing that would calm him down when he was upset was "Good morning Baltimore" from the Hairspray broadway soundtrack. The movie soundtrack version was never good enough, it had to be the broadway version.

10 things about Andrew:
1. Andrew surprised us by coming 6 weeks early. 
2. He was the only one of our children we had a hard time naming. It took us two days after his birth, and some pestering by the NICU nurses because they wanted to make him a cute sign for his incubator to finally come up with a name for our white haired 5 pounder. To this day I still wished we would have named him Wyatt Rexford. Andrew suits him well, though. 
3. From birth to present he plays with his eyelashes when he's tired.
4. He's known as our talkative child. He'll talk your head off if you let him. We think it's great that he's a talkative little soul.
5. He prefers being nudie. Loathes putting on clothes unless it's a super hero costume.
6.He loves music and has since birth. Loving music comes natural to him. He's been telling me what songs we're going listen to in the car since he was the ripe age of one year. 
7. He knows his way around the computer. He pulls up his favorite websites and puts his favorite tunes on through itunes all on his own. He's only been around a mac so I'm not sure if his comp skills would carry over with a pc. We'll never own a pc so I guess it really doesn't matter. 
8. He adores me, I hope that never changes.
9. He's a big Georgia Bulldogs fan.
10. His favorite color is red. You know, like the red ranger (power rangers)? Duh.


Tice said...

Such cute keeds you have there. I love Emme's artwork. I shall commission her one day to make a painting for me. I adore Clee in orange and I miss being able to push him on the swing. (I know, crazy, right?!) And Wyatt Rexford would indeed have been an appropriate name for Andrew given that he looks just like Rex.

Grandma Gerri said...

Are you sure 10 is enough? I want more! But you are right on target with all of them. Love you all.

Amanda L. said...

Your kids are talented and hilarious and adorable. Keep working on that list for you. I'm looking forward to reading it and hopefully seeing you next week.

sorichfamily said...

i LOVE the lists! i may have to steal that! and i can't wait to read yours! so...you're coming on the 12th right??!! can't wait to see you! just move back, we miss you!! are we having a party? we should!