Wednesday, October 8, 2008

100 things about yours truly

Whew. I did it, and it was kinda fun. I encourage everyone to do this list, and you will do it because I'm wise. Anyway, sit back and enjoy learning 100 things about me. 
1. I love the color pink.
2. I love going to concerts. I love the music, atmosphere, everything. 
3. I was born with a tiny hole on the top of my right ear that pusses every once in awhile. Gross, right?
4. As hard as it is to explain, I've somehow always knew in the back of my mind I would be blessed with having a special needs child. 
5. As a early youngster, my mom had a bright orange Ford Pinto that I thought was ugly and was embarrassed by. Now I miss it and find it beautiful. 
6. I miss and don't miss living in Utah at the same time.
7. I've cried myself to sleep once or twice because I missed my mom.
8. I've stayed awake all night long worrying about Clee's future too many times to count.
9. I snort when I laugh.
10. I'm convinced I can't go a day without my Diet Coke.
11. I would love to say I'm a sewer, but I'm not.
12. I peek through Perez Hilton's celebrity blog daily. Awful, I know.
13. I'm a fool for cute lounge wear. 
14. I cried the day Princess Di died.
15. I think I look better as a blonde.
16. I so badly wanted blue eyes in high school. 
17. I experienced my first contact high this year at a Dave Matthews Band concert. Don't judge.
18. I love my ipod. I can't imagine life without it.
19. Emme looks up to me and thinks I'm the most wonderful person in the world. 
20. I would love to be able to look at myself through her eyes.
21. My dream car is a white with black Honda Fit.
22. My dream car used to be a white with black Lexus GX.
23. My taste in cars have changed dramatically.
24. I struggle with depression.
25. I believe my faith to be true.
26. I'm forever grateful to my mother for allowing my to take the missionary discussions at age fourteen. 
27. I think my Andrew is the funniest kid in the entire world.
28. I've been known to refer to myself as awesome, but I really think of myself as being pretty  lame. Lame is the new awesome, you know. 
29. I want to be the owner of a hot pink beach cruiser.
30. I love Fiel's family like they were my own.
31.  I have my grandmothers nose. Not literally. 
32. I share my first name with my grandmother.
33. I think Chris Farley was a genius.
34. I  hit the back of a jeep with my mom's car when I was 16 and didn't tell her it was me until 5 years ago. 
35. When Fiel and I were dating, he let me borrow his brand new Lexus and I scraped the side of it with a cement wall before even leaving the apartment complex. 
36. I didn't fess up to that one until we were good and married.
37. I would love to live in New York City.
38. I went to see my favorite band while they were trapped inside in a bubble.
39. I'm a reality show junkie.
40. I had my first baby at 19 almost 20.
41. Even though I love my children, I wish I would have waited a little longer to have them.
42. I'm a little envious of friends who have traveled around the world and can pick up and go whenever they please. 
43. I'm fascinated by the gypsy lifestyle.
44. I worry too much, or so I'm told. :)
45. I have live close to a Target store, or I would go insane, seriously.
46. There was a time in my life where I went to Target everyday, and loved it.
47. It bugs me when people say "anyways". Hello? I believe the correct pronunciation is "anyway". 
48. I'm intimidated by some of my extended family members, not gonna say any names.
49. I don't feel comfortable sharing my political views that often. 
50. Maybe I'm not comfortable with the political arguing that comes after sharing my views.
51. I strongly believe our Country desperately needs a change. Uh, did I just give myself away? 
52. I love the face Fiel makes when he's playing guitar.
53. I'm for Team Edward.
54. I do enjoy a good movie quote now and again.
55. I've read the first Twilight book a total of 6 times.
56. I didn't have anything else to read.
57. I now have a library card so that problem is solved. 
58. My husband pokes fun at my blogging obsession. 
59. I like my music turned up when I'm driving around in my automobile. 
60. I have a fear of dying.
61. Not because I'm scared to die, but scared of leaving Clee.  
62. If I think about it too much, I start to cry.
63. I'm crying like a big baby now. :(
64. I dread trimming my children's finger and toe nails.
65. I have to sleep next to somebody, I have a hard time falling asleep otherwise. 
66. I look forward to the Pottery barn catalogs that come in the mail.
67. I want to go to Europe one day.
68. I enjoy the sound and smell of rain.
69. I'm afraid of thunder. 
70. I'm afraid of the dark, I'm slowly overcoming that one.
71. I'm a cheep shopper who likes the more expensive things.
72. I'm really good at finding those expensive things for cheap. 
73. My kids have to wear cute clothing. 
74. I'm not as picky when it comes to their wardrobes as I used to be. 
75. I'm annoyed that Clee ruins on average about 3-4 shirts a month. He chews on them until the collar's gone.
76. I'm a life long MAC user, with the brief slip up of once being a PC owner. 
77. I enjoy the occasional Miley Cyrus, Demi Lavato, and Jonas Brothers songs every once in awhile. 
78. I'm most likely taking Emme to see High School Musical 3 opening night. 
79. My mom will probably fund our opening night movie? ;)
80. I'm most definitely going to see Twilight on opening night. 
81. I'm thinking mommy dearest will fund this one too?
82. I like to tease my mother.
83. I miss living across the street from Liberty Park.
84. I dig my husbands chicken legs.
85. The most played song in my itunes library is Best Of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana with a grand total of 410 times played.
86. I will always have a special place for classic rock in my heart.
87. I can't think clearly when my house is a mess.
88. I'm not a cook or baker at heart, but I'm really trying.
89. My all time favorite song is "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship. 
90. I like corny jams. I'll rephrase this for the older folks, I like the overly sappy love songs.
91. I like sharpie pens.
92. My favorite cereal is Capn Crunch.
93. I'm aware of how much sugar this favorite cereal of mine contains and yet doesn't bother me.
94. I wish I could afford to do all the radical autism therapy's for Clee.
95. I hope Emme knows how much I appreciate her. 
96. I take no offense to when my children (Andrew) tell me they hate me in a mad rage. 
97. I flare my nostrils when I'm annoyed, surprised, or angry. 
98. It's currently 2:00 am, and I can't sleep. That is why this here list is almost finished. 
99. I've been diagnosed with having a slight form of dyslexia and short term memory. So next time I forget something, blame it on that.
100. I wish there were more comedy shows on the prime time line ups. 


jennah said...

You inspire me! I think you are the best mom in he whole world for Clee, as well as Emme and Andrew. Love that you love "nothings gonna stop us now". Viva la cheesy 80's. Ditto on #'s 33, 51, 52(my husbands), 68 and 71. Your brilliant Natalie. Wonder when we'll ever see your faces again...

jennah said...

So mad my comment just erased. Doubt if I can write something as witty and amazing as I just did... Your list inspires me. I think you are THE best mom for Clee in the whole wide world, as well as for Emme and Andrew. Love that you love "nothings gonna stop us now". Viva la cheesy 80's! I often say how much I miss that genius Farley. Love My husbands face when he plays guitar too! AnywayS, I love your list and although I don't know you that well, I was impressed that I expected to read some those things. I love that Emme thinks your the most wonderful person in he world. We all need someone like that around us. And if I had to say, I'd vote you awesome over lame any day

jennah said...

Ok, I'm the dummy. Didn't know you had to approve the comment. Delete whichever one sucks more.

natalie said...

@Jennah- as you can see, I kept them all because I loved them all. Especially that last one. :)
Yes, I'm moderating my comments at the moment. I'll go back to normal soon.

april said...

love the smell of rain, flare my nostrils (to which there is great evidence somewhere in the form of a picture taken by my sister's camera after she really annoyed me when i was 11), sharpie pens and find myself playing some hannah montanna songs myself. oh, and i so which the comedy shows were on prime time and yes, chris farley definitely was a genius. reading all this lists sure has been fun, but still not sure i'm up for doing one myself. thanks for sharing and thanks for being an absolutely fab mom epsecially for clee.

Grandma Gerri said...

Wow I am impressed but I think I knew most of it already but you never fail to surprise or impress me. Really you like to tease me, I'm shocked. how much do you need for the movies? I keep telling you if you hear the thunder the lightening missed you, so what is there to be afraid of? I think you look better as a blonde too. You are totally Awesome. Anyways I Love you just the way you are.

Amanda L. said...

Natalie! Love it. Well done. Once you get going your mind can't stop right?

I can't think clearly when my house is a mess, love listening to loud music in the car, love the sound of rain, want my kids to wear cute clothes, had the same experience at DMB a couple years ago, enjoy a good PB catalog in the mail, and I think that Andrew is the funkiest kid in the world...and Emme and Clee aren't too bad either :)

Meghan said...

I seriously love this list and even better, I love that I think I wrote "anyways" in my last email to you! Sweet. We need to get together again. I think 9 years is a ridiculous time to not see each other!

Candace said...

you worry? i've never known you to worry a shake in your life.
p.s. come back to flarduh.