Wednesday, October 1, 2008

it's a train wreck and I heart it

My Tuesday nights just keep getting better. After finding out that Dylan is Kelly's baby daddy on 90210 (gasp!), I stumbled upon this way pathetic show on MTV.

Paris Hilton's My New BFF is a reality show where the crazies compete to be BFF with Paris herself. Sure, I'd love to tell you how disgusted I was by the program and plan to never watch it again, but I can't.  I'm in la-ove with this show! It's the best! Sigh... I just love to fall asleep to cat fights and counting platinum blondes, don't you?


april said...

not really sure what to say on your past two posts, but wanted to say i'm thinking of you. i'm not a cat-fighting show lover (although i understand being addicted - i have my addictions). i did watch enough of 90210 to know who kelly and dylan are. did you see the spoof of paris hilton explaining environmental policy in response to something john mccain said? it was hysterical; i think on have you ever read the "go fug yourself" blog? it actually isn't very crude considering the title and is well-written and HYSTERICAL. check it out at: (yeah i haven't had the guts to put a link on my blog yet. silly i know.)

Grandma Gerri said...

Andrew's taste in music is much better than some of the shows you like, Sorry but it had to be said!