Saturday, October 18, 2008

just for Kelly

A long, long time ago, back when we first met, you were obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas and I thought it was so hysterical to watch you sing along with the movie. 
Several years later, Andrew is currently obsessed with the same movie around the same age you were. He loves to act out the scene Jack's Lament and he does it in the most random of places. 
So in honor of you, your Birthday, and yours and Andrew's love for Nightmare Before Christmas, I'm posting this video clip of Andrew preforming Jack's Lament. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday Kelly! 


Grandma Gerri said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!! and great job Drewbee.

kelly said...

that was really cute!! i do remember doing that and i still can remember that very same line. although i haven't seen it in a while. i think i'll watch it in mine and andrew's honor!

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

Love it! Glad to see that movie transcends generations.