Monday, October 27, 2008

Most likely the best book of all time

We heart this book. Who doesn't love Grover? We saw this book on clearance at the Target for .75 and had to get it, no brainer really. I read this book to Emme and Clee at least 20 times a day when they were little-r and Andrew favors this book when he's visiting at grandma Gerri's. Emme says "I still love this book, even if it is for babies." 
There you have it. If Emme admits to liking it still, then it must be the best, right? 


Tice said...

Indeed. A classic, really. And one of my favorite books too. Along with "Miss Nelson is Missing" and "The Five Chinese Brothers". Isn't it inneresteeng that I've never actually owned any of these books? Gurl, you be the queen o' the clearance. Especially at the Target.

Grandma Gerri said...

I love this book too. Can't wait to read it to all of you at Christmas!

The Sanders Family said...

I love reading the same books to my kids as I read. It makes me feel younger when they like it too and don't think it's old.