Friday, October 3, 2008

Under the influence... of sister

Andrew was raving about the drink he had in his cup. "Dis (this) dwink is my favorite! Try it mommy." 
So I did. Yuck! It was awful! "What's in this!" I asked him. 
"Emme made it for me so I can grow like Superman." he replied.
"Emme, what's in this drink?" I asked.
"What, I didn't really think he'd actually drink it." she answered. 
"What's in it?" I asked again.
 "sigh. It's apple juice, water, and that red carrot juice that was in the fridge (v8). What?! It's not my fault he does everything I tell him to do." she sassed. 
"touche, Emme. Touch-e" 
"Isn't it the best dwink ever mommy? Does it make you happy it's not junk food?" Andrew said adoringly.
 Andrew, it does make me happy you made the decision to eat and drink healthy, even if it's because your sister told you to do it so you can grow up like Superman.  


Betsy said...

Hmmmm....maybe she's on to something! :)

Grandma Gerri said...

Mommy relax it could have been much worse. Think of the things your aunt, uncle and I used to have your Uncle Mark drink.

Casdok said...

Dosnt sound too bad to me!!! :)
And thank you for the lovely photo for my new blog!

Kim and Stace said...

That Emme is a smart one! My apologies for not letting you know about the show:( --
I normally would have, except they were headlining so they were the last to perform (and ended up going on at 11:50!) So, I didn't really tell anyone about it because I knew it was so dang late! They've never played that late-- but next time I'll holla for sure, no matter what time they are set to go on:)

Betsy said...

I loved seeing Clee on Casdok's blog! He's so beautiful! I need to get a good pic of my three (an impossible task!) and send it to her.