Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Scrabbly-doo buddy

Hey there. You see this game?

I'm no good at it. No wait. I completely stink at it. You know that, right? Is that why you're playing against me? Oh yea, I see where this is going. Well I will play along for the benefit of you feeling all smarty-pants-like as you kick my booteh and because I'm some what addicted to it now. I am now trying to come up with an awesome possum word (wurd) while trying to be complex at the same time. I, eh. I have nothing yet. BTW, it's your turn, girl! Git on it!


Scrabbly-doo Queen! said...

You may have good looks, great kids and can make homemade cakes and such, but I can kick yo trash on lexulous! Woot woot! (in your honor). Bring it. Your move.

natalie said...

whoa |wō|
used as a command to a horse to make it stop or slow down.
• informal used as a greeting, to express surprise or interest, or to command attention : whoa, that's huge!
ORIGIN late Middle English : variant of ho 2 .


Meghan (aka Scrabbly-doo Queen) said...

Whoa! I'm kickin' yo trash! Thanks for the new word. hee hee! PS it's your turn!