Thursday, March 12, 2009

My heart has swelled with cuteness

This is what my boys will be wearing on Emme's baptism day/ Easter. 
Screech! My boys will be so handsome! Sigh.
If you knew how many (coughs) hours I've spent swooning  and pondering over these two items, you'd think I was nuts. 
Unless you're like me when it comes to dressing to impress the boys in your life. 
Then you know exactly how I feel. 


Sweet Pea said...

WOW. I like the tie. It's colorful.

Sally Sirmans said...

Gudnesch so very handsome. Can't wait!

Betsy said...

Oh, they are going to be so cute!

Kalena said...

Amen! I feel ya. Where did you find them? Super cute!

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

Very dapper indeed!
I pine for the days where I could dress any of my children. Enjoy while you can.

crissy said...

So cute! My favorite thing to see little boys in are nice button up shirts with cute sweater vests. I love seeing little boys dressed up!