Saturday, March 28, 2009

This here is Sirmans March Madness and one long post

Boy howdy, March has been an eventful month. We've had a Birthday, Baptism, several trips back and forth to Jacksonville (2 hours each way), several family members here visiting, sleepovers, swimming, get togethers, late nights, four Twilight viewings, an almost High School Musical marathon, etc. Man y'all I'm worn out and it's only the beginning of my kiddos spring break. We had a great time with everyone who came out to visit and wished they were all closer, but I'm glad to get back to our daily routine... well I have to get through spring break before I dance around the thoughts of our routine, I suppose. Here's a small yet large recap of our past two weeks. 

Swimming at Karen's
When you have ten kids that need to be entertained, Karen's pool is the place to be. Karen was so generous to have our large crew over so many times to swim and to lounge on her glorious porch swing. I thought I had taken pictures while at Karens, but all I could really find were almost nudie picture of one son of mine, splashing water by the pool. Sorry, but I'm not gonna post those. Those are being privately archived for potential future blackmail. 

My mom was here for a few weeks and we had an awesome time with her. We shopped, watched Twilight, went to movies, celebrated Emme's 8th Birthday, went to the park, thought about going to gatorland, thought about going to the beach, watched Ghost Hunters together, and a lot more. And in the end, she was a very good sport about waking up at 2:30 am so we could get Lori to the airport on time. Her plane left about 6 hours later. We parked in the economy parking and took a much needed snooze and everything was all good.
 The kids miss having her here of course. Just the other day, Andrew said he wanted to hear his Grandma say "lovely" everyday. She says "lovely" a lot. Andrew pointed out many times while she was here. 
My mama getting her Clemon love. 
Emme wanted to make my moms well known peanut butter fudge so they did, and it was yummy too. 
Both grandmas played the game of Clue with the kids. It was basically the longest game of Clue, ever. The kids had fun. I can't speak for the grandmothers. 
Andrew had many names for my mom while she was here, but I can't remember a single one she'd want me to share. 

I am seriously in lurve with this place. The kids could play outside for hours alone and you would never have to worry about them. Unless you had Clee for a child. Then you'd be worrying about the big pond behind Stevie and Carolyn's. Have I ever mentioned that boy is like a magnet to water? We had a great time with the Pearson family talking about Arrested Development, napping, and how a long time love still makes a mans heart race whenever he sees her. Swoon. 
Andrew getting his beauty rest for Pearson. 
Tice. Me. Kelly.
Kelly and Andrew taking a tour of the land and making new friends along the way. 
Feeding the fish with Stevie. Andrew still obsesses about wanting his Papa to take him fishing in Georgia.
Sally. Tice. Kelly. Fielding Dear
We Lurve each other and Pearson. 

Good old southern dinner at Elaine and Stacy's
Um, Elaine can cook, y'all. We went over to Elaine and Stacy's house for dinner one night and gorged ourselves with the yummy spread that was placed before us.
We also...
Hung out with cousins.
Ate some of Elaine's homemade pecan pie. 
Pondered a little about life... and lurve.
Clee cuddled with one of his many special lady friends. 
Sang and even swing danced along to CF and Stacy's sweet guitar skillz
Uh...Sally's face pretty much explains the mood, y'all.
F I E R C E  

Andy and Dana's
For the final hurrah of the Sirmans March Madness, we went to Andy and Dana's for a sleepover. As I have said before, they live basically right on the beach and my kids love going to see them. Emme says she goes just so she can see baby Stevie, but the beach has it's perks too. After the beach we eat pizza and watched... can you guess? Twilight. Watching Edward I mean "Twilight" never seems to get old. In the morning, Dana made yummy chocolate chip pancakes. Then we dropped off the last of the crew and traveled back home, listening to the sounds of the Hannah Montana movie soundtrack. 
Tice. Me. Dana.
I obsessed over this dead jelly fish like it was Edward and I was Bella. I have about ten pictures of it. How morbid of me...
Emme. Kylie. Emme was sad to see Kylie leave and said she wished Kylie lived here because she was the closest thing to a sister as she'll ever get. So dramatic. I don't know where she gets it, because I'm never that way. Ever!!!!
Andrew. Looking at his squinty eye and crooked smile makes me happy.
Me and my girl.


Grandma Gerri said...

Good Times!!! I miss you guys gobs.

tice said...

Gurl, that was good times. Those pictures from Pearson make me laugh. I didn't even see Shad behind us doin' greater than/less than until I clicked on it. Awesome. I would move to Pearson today if I could.

And I'm, where's my beach jumping picture? Are you waiting for me to post it? might be a while.

april said...

sounds like i great time. i'm actually a little jealous of all the fun you've been having (and that homemade pecan pie). from the picture, that dead jellyfish was worth obssessing over.

Brittany said...

The Sirmans family is so entertaining!

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!
Thanks, Gerri, for being a good sport about my flight time. Caroline and I slept through the whole flight, and then I slept til 3:00pm. And thanks, Nat, for all the driving. Both of you deserve a HUGE thank you hug!

Betsy said...

Peanut butter fudge and pecan pie? You're killing me here!