Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bad hair day? I haz it.

Today is a hat wearing type of day. 
Now if only my hair didn't look like this guys hair while wearing one. 

Sigh. The things I do to myself for the sheer pleasure of being lazy. 
No, this dude isn't my neighbor he's my cousin-from my moms side. 
Whoa there ladies, back off. This one his taken. 



Grandma Gerri said...

Steve and Kym are going to love this. Funny!

Tice said...

Ha. Brilliant. I think you're just trying to copy my awesome lazy day hairdo. Wait...or am I copying you? It's a chicken and egg situation, really.

natalie said...

@ Tice: Ah yes, I am the copy cat FAIL. You are super cute when sporting a hat on top of your noggin, while I... well I look like that guy, proof once more that I have no shame.
I should go ahead and say my cousin is quite darling in person.

Sally Sirmans said...

Fancee hairdo.