Friday, April 10, 2009

Clee and his angels

I've never doubted that Clee was surrounded by angels. I felt them surround us the first time Clee and I gazed into each others eyes. I hear him talk to them during the late night hours. They've shielded him from danger too many times too count. I've never doubted he was surrounded by angels, but were these the angels of loved ones passed? I've always believed that, and now I'm sure.
Last November, we went to Pearson, a small town in Georgia where Clee's Papa grew up, for a family reunion. The reunion was held at the graveyard where Papa's parents were laid to rest. Clee was drawn to where they lay almost like it was natural to him. We sat there for a good while as he played with the tiny pebbles that covered the ground. He looked so peaceful just being there. At one point, he laid on his stomach with his hands resting on his chin, and began to laugh and babble at his Granny's tombstone like he was engaged in conversation with someone, his Granny. It was one of those times where your first instinct would be to pull put the camera and take a picture, but instead you just simply watch in awe. That was the day I knew the Sirmans' were amongst Clee's angels.

Earlier today, I was looking through my pictures with Clee on my lap. We both love to look at our pictures together. He was smiling as we went through them one by one until we came to this picture.
This is a picture of me with my great grandma Eileen Peacock. I adore this woman, she has an untouchable place reserved just for her in my heart. Since Emme was born, I'd pray for her to come and watch over my babies, and always felt she was. 
When Clee saw this picture, he beamed with joy and bursted out with laughter. Cooing, he got on the desk to get a closer look and he just gazed at her lovingly. All I could say was "I love her too, bud" as my tears streamed down my face. He looked at me, smiled and went back to giggling at the picture.  
I've never doubted that Clee was surrounded by angels, now I know that it is the ones we hold dear in our hearts that protect him, and soothe him. And one by one, we figure out who's presence he's been blessed with. Which one will make themselves known next? 


Lea White said...

What a great blog entry!

Your kids are beautiful!

Lea White

Sally Sirmans said...

Girl, you are oozing with peace and wisdom. My lurve for you is growing bigger and bigger.

p.s. Eileen is totally your next daughter's name. I love it!

chaffinclan said...

I love this post. And I believe that the baby sister he'll have in three or four years is one of his angels now. I think she might be one of the ones keeping him up at night playing. He's gonna adore her. You might hafta buy him his own Baby Björn so he can tote her around the house.

Sally Sirmans said...

I just wanna eat baby Natalie!

Betsy Brock said...

My sister and I were just discussing this topic the other day...if our guardian angels were those who had passed on before us. What a wonderful gift you were given to see proof right in your lap...literally! :)

Grandma Gerri said...

Eileen was a vary special lady and I miss her. You forget she used to visit you at night when you were younger too. I like to believe your other great grandma on your dad's side also watches over Clee. And I'm sure Blanch does. You were one cute kid and a beautiful mom.

Meghan said...

I have no words to describe the chills I got when reading this. What a cool experience to have with your child and what a comfort. Seriously, thanks for sharing Nat!