Saturday, April 18, 2009

I was getting around to it.

This past week has been a busy one for our wee little family. It all started last Saturday when Elaine invited us to go to the local colleges circus. This circus is run by all volunteers and quite amazing for amateurs, if you ask Elaine, Emme, and I. Andrew? Yeah, not so much. He wanted it to be over as soon as it started. Can't please 'em all.

Look at Emme's cute face. Priceless. Circus-success. 

Later that night, Emme helped the Easter bunny put together and hide baskets for the first time this year. She did a wonderful job putting jelly beans in the eggs. She's a pro.
Easter morning came early, while I was still sleeping so no pictures of the actual easter basket hunt. Boo. Fiel and I were treated to breakfast in bed by the kiddos later that morning, and the after math of the easter baskets being torn apart all over the house. I do love to start my morning by cleaning up plastic egg containers, and candy wrappers. The Easter bunny made the executive decision to pass on church account of too much sugar in the kiddos systems. Now it's not like me to have super cute easter outfits go to waste, so I'll post pictures of the kids in their best dressed soon. We also had to get all prettied up to go to Pearson for their annual easter egg hunt. Family is a good excuse to skip out on church for one measly Sunday, right? Right.
We met up with Lori and her gang in Pearson. Lori's kids were out of school for spring break and decided to spend it with us. How sweet! Actually they wanted to see Elaine and CF, but I'm guessing we were a close second. :) It was great to see them. Christian and Jake have changed so much since we've seen them last. Kids sure grow up fast. Boy howdy.
The easter egg hunt was a huge success. The kids loved it. 
Candace helped Clee hunt for eggs. She would find an egg open it up, unwrap the candy, put it back on the ground, and helped Clee find it. Talk about going out of your way to make someone else peachy pleased.  One of the many reasons why Clee fancies her so much. 
Caroline helped Andrew find his eggs. Andrew sure enjoys Caroline's company. 
Emme hit the easter egg jackpot. Four days later, I did too when I found ten rotten hard boiled eggs in the back seat cubby compartment of my van. It was like easter egg hunting all over again, yeah! She did have herself a good time, she loves going to Pearson. 

A few days later, a tree fell on the Lunt's property and was blocking their driveway. The boys and Rex volunteered to remove the tree from the drive. Elaine, Lori, and I volunteered to watch. It was highly amusing to watch them saw the tree with an itty bitty saw. Ha. They got the job done though. 
Look at Jake posing, I mean working hard on that tree stump. 
Christian was the supervisor. No really, he said so himself.
Rex with his muscles chopping the tree. Elaine feared he was going to chop his foot off. Glad to see it didn't happen.

We had a lot of fun visiting with each other throughout the rest of the week. Remember when I told you about the Hannah Montana movie, and you were so jealous I saw it before you? We did that during the week, along with going to Havana, making cheese cake, eating cheese cake, and helping the Lunt's remove what was left of the tree that fell in their pool. It was a different tree, bless their hearts. After the pool was tree free again, we all got together for a cookout, and that's where Emme finally met Baby Rex. 
She loved holding baby Rex. She loved how tiny and sweet he was. She was in baby heaven. 
Grammy bought a huge chocolate clearance bunny for all the kids to share. 
And this is what mine looked like after the bunny was devoured.

We always have a good time when the Muhlesteins come to visit. 
Come back soon, ya hear? 


Grandma Gerri said...

Wow it looks like you had a blast. And I heard all about baby Rex this morning on the phone with Emme. She likes holding him a lot.

chaffinclan said...

Woot! Looks like funsies. I realized, after seeing these pictures that I haven't seen Lori's boys in a year or so. My how they've changed. And I can't wait to meet and snuggle on baby Rex. And then meet and snuggle on her Georgia quilt. *sigh*

Brittany said...

Emme is so cute holding Rex. It was so nice of the guys to get rid of the fallen trees.

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

We had us some good times, ya'll! That baby is so sweet! And calling him "Baby Rex" brings back such fond memories of my first baby Rex, Rexford Jefferson. He was a cute baby, too! Such sweet times!