Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm on to you, little boy.

Dear Wee One Sirmans:
For months now I've noticed random songs have been M.I.A on the family itunes library. I've been wondering where the songs could possibly be going. Were they hiding in a folder? No, that wouldn't make sense because they would still be in the library. Did I ever really have the songs in question in the first place? Am I remembering it wrong? No, I distinctly recall having "The Girl Who Has Everything" (what?? You got something to say about my music preferences?) on one of my playlists not too long ago, and now... it's missing like so many others. Could Andrew be "accidently" deleting music? No... well? Maybe... no. Not him, right??
And I would have kept thinking that until the other day, when you threatened to take my music off the computer during one of your crazy temper tantrums. I believe you said something like this: "Hey! Bad Mommy! Do you want me to take your songs off of dads computer?? Well, I will if you don't buy me something..." 
I.   G o t.   Y o u.   N o w.

And today, after going through the itunes library, I realized how easy it is to erase a song. Easy for you, I guess I should say. How do you know your way around the computer so well? 
Now the question now is, where do we go from here, bud? Do I hide the itunes like I hide the iphoto? Will you no longer be allowed to jam to Kanye West, Eye Of The Tiger, or HSM alone? 
I need more time to come up with an effective solution, but for now I'm watching you like a hawk. 



Grandma Gerri said...

Oh boy what are you going to do about that boy? LOL!!!!

Kim and Stace said...!

Tice said...

Oh man. Time for Andrew to have his own iTunes account, y'all. And, uh, why so surprised with his computer genius? You do know his father, right?