Saturday, April 4, 2009

'member the one day it didn't rain over spring break?

I love it when rains, but would've prefered it waited until spring break was over. It poured all week long and 80 percent of the fun activities Emme had planned for the week had to be done on this one sunny Friday. Well, it could have waited until today, but she couldn't. Having no patience runs on both side of her family. 
I've been hanging out with Clee's class on Fridays and accompanying them on their weekly field trips. They often come to the park and hike on this trail where at the end of the trail, there's supposed to be a row of old Cadillacs standing strait up from the ground. Clee's class has never made it to the end, and I have always wanted to see those old Caddy's for myself. So on the only day it didn't rain all week long, we went to see those Caddy's. After hiking for about 45 minutes we realized that we were going around in a circle. We couldn't find the end. We didn't find the Caddy's. Sad face. But we did have fun along the way. Clee pretty much knows his way around this trail, but I could tell he was wondering why we were there sans his classmates. We climbed over this big tree that had fallen over during one of the weeks many storms. The kids thought it was super fun. All in all it was a nice family hike. 

The kids have been begging me to take them kite flying. I finally gave in and bought each one their very own from the dollar store. Since the rain kept pouring all week, yesterday was the day they really, really, really wanted to go. On the day when there was no wind in sight. Kites are uber boring y'all, and thanks to yesterday my kids think that way too. 
None of the kites could make it more than 20 inches off the ground. This exciting moment, turned into snoozeville and fast. 

Emme's kite came broken so even if there were enough wind, that thing wouldn't leave the ground. Bubbles looked like fun, so ditched the kite and grabbed the wand o' bubbles. Clee was just as excited about her decision because that meant he could chase bubbles galore.

But Andrew was determined to get his kite up in the air. "Come on kite. You can do it!" he cheered, but alas he wanted some of that bubble action too. 
We finally got something right. The slip n' slide. I mean really, who can mess that up, right?

Some of our attempts to have super fun were a miss, but we had fun anyway because we were spending quality time with each other. Ha. I just sounded like Danny Tanner on an episode Full House. Lame, yet awesome. Spring break is almost over! Woot!


Grandma Gerri said...

It looks like you had great times anyway and that's what counts. What wonderful things do you have planned for today?

Tice said...

Ha. First of all, great use of win and fail. Looks like good family times, y'all. And since when is Danny Tanner lame?

Betsy said...

Sounds like you had a Fast and furious fun Friday! :) Our break starts Tuesday. I'm kinda happy, kinda dreading it. I think you know what I mean. :)

Sally Sirmans said...

Those Cadillacs were a tease! Argh.

Kites are a great theory but never good in practice.

Three cheers for the slip-n-slide!

I guess you've always had a thing for tall skinny men? i know about your Danny Tanner crush, missy.

april said...

sounds like a fun packed day - well worth the wait. so, did you have miss sally chop your hair and color it? it looks good from what little i saw.