Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sad face

After watching lasts nights season premiere of MTV's The Hills, I'm now doubting the authenticity of reality on the show. Sigh. I loved the thought of frenemies coincidentally being at the same place at the same time, in the huge city they call "The Hills" sans script. The whole world has known the show was nothing but a faux reality series, but I never wanted to believe it.I kept the faith, y'all, but my faith has dwindled  in my reality series not because it's fake, but last nights episode was a mess. And not the good kind of mess either (shock! I know!). This has been the burden that is surrounding my thoughts this morning. Nevermind the fact I have a small child at home needing my attention, I have some serious issues that needs to be addressed here like: Spencer isn't that big of a meanie in realz lyf? Heidi's not that stoopid in lurve? Why isn't LC trimming her upper lip hair? 
So as sad as it kinda makes me, I must bid farewell to The Hills, it was better as Laguna Beach anyway. 


Tice said...

I have to admit that you lost me at "The Hills". That show grates on my nerves and Spencer is creepy. Sleep with one eye opened...that kind of creepy. And, let's face it, I enjoy stupid people sometimes but Heidi is too stupid even for me.

Kalena said...

The season just started girl! You're one up on me I can't tear myself away even though in my heart I know it's not actuality.

ps-I have been noticing Lauren lip since last season. Glad I'm not the only one!

kristi said...

LOL.......I posted about the Hills today too.