Friday, April 3, 2009

to keep within the autism awareness month theme

Two things that I've always taught Emme and Andrew: 
1. It's okay to get frustrated with autism, but always be accepting of Clee's differences. 
2. Never be afraid to tell people about Clee and why he's different when the matter comes up.
Today, I couldn't have been more proud. Emme and Andrew made a new friend from the neighborhood recently, and today when we were all outside enjoying the sun he came by to play. He started by saying hi to Clee while Clee was getting his slip n' slide on. Note. Never interfere with Clee and his slip n' slide. Seriously, take note of it. The boy kept on by repeating the word "hi" followed by "what? Are you deaf?? Why are you playing like that in the water?" Um. Excuse me? Right? Right???
Luckily Clee's got two pretty awesome siblings that have his back. Andrew very sternly said "That's Clee. He has autism and only says ahh. It's okay that he doesn't say hi back." Then Emme joined in to tell the neighbor boy about his autism in her teacher-like way of explaining things. Emme and Andrew could have easily been embarrassed by Clee, but instead they took the high road and stood up for him. 
Emme always says I'm not the only one thats a fool for this boy. 
I guess she's right. Happy, happy day. 


Tice said...

Awww...that makes my heart happy.

They got that protective, outspoken personality from your side of the family, no? :)

Emme's such a good big sister. And Andrew is the perfect little big brother.

*sigh* I miss my Clemon. But, on the bright side, my kids are sending your kids some happy mail (code for little gifty things we picked up that reminded us of your keeds). We won't say much except that we saw a certain bag of starburst special edition all red jelly beans that, for some reaon, reminded us of Clee-man.

natalie said...

@Tice: holla! And yes, definitely a Grime family trait.

Kim and Stace said...

Go Emme and Andrew! I almost started crying when I read that post...that's awesome:)

Betsy said...

This is so sweet! Taylor is the same way. And that last picture of Andrew..that face! Now who would want to mess with that boy? ha-ha!

sorichfamily said...

i loved reading this! i agree with made my heart sooooooo happy!! your kiddos are truly amazing and very cute and loveable! we miss you!

so, i've been a bad blog stalker lately, but wanted to say how proud i am of you and your advocacy of autism! clee has one amazing mom!

and miss emme...who can believe she is 8 and baptized??!! it made me cry looking at those pics. i'm so proud of her! and i loved that she kept the tradition alive by wearing the was darling! i still think of her as a little sunbeam...she was the first primary kid in manchester that i just fell in love with. what a star! congrats to all of you! what a bunch of awesome crazies!! we love ya!

Grandma Gerri said...

I told you to stop making me cry, no? I am bursting with pride for all of you. You are a totally wonderful family and I could not have imagined how well you all handle everything. Nat you have always been wise beyond your years and it seems to have been inherited by your children. Keep this for when Emme writes her book about Clee this will fit in perfectly.
Love ya'll.

Kalena said...

I love this post!

Brittany said...

Go Emme and Andrew! That made my eyes tear up. Such sweet siblings:) With the nicest mom ever, right? ;)

Sally Sirmans said...

Fantastic work Emme and Andrew! You can be Clee's angels.

april said...

this was a sweet story. emme and andrew will defintely be better people because of clee. good for you for teaching them how.

Meghan said...

So cute! I love your kids!