Friday, April 3, 2009

Well at least it's a pretty shade of blue...



One pretty shade of blue bathroom.  Mercy, this kid never slows down. This morning Andrew was supposed to be watching the movies he got from the library. I mean, he came home early from a sleepover at Grammy and Papa's just so he could watch them. He meant business y'all. He gets distracted easily, so after him being in the bathroom for 20 minutes instead of watching Power Rangers Mystic Force, I decided to go up there and check on him. As soon as I came to the top of the stairs, I noticed bright blue liquid covering the bottom of the closed bathroom door. Yikes. As soon as I opened the door, there was Andrew. "I uh. I don't know anything. Well, I did it, but it was an accident. Don't worry I'm cleaning it up." he said frantically. There was no way that boy could clean up that mess with one square of toilet paper. It was everywhere. Blue liquid covered the bathroom from mid to bottom. The accomplice, one of what was a full bottle of Agent Cool Blue 20 minutes earlier, lie almost empty on the floor. 
I won't go into cleanup details but I will say this:
  • Spending an hour cleaning up Agent Cool Blue off of your floor, toilet, wall, tub, PBK shower curtain, sink, baseboards, and door earns you a nice cold Diet Coke. Mountain Dew if you're Fiel. 
  • Fiel was the first to notice we forgot to take a picture of the pretty shade of blue bathroom. Are you surprised? Me too. 
  • Agent Cool Blue comes right off when you're bushing it off with a tooth brush and a dab of tooth paste . but with cleaner? Not so much. 
  • Agent Cool Blue is no longer welcome in this house. Ever. You come to visit us and you just happen to bring a bottle of ACB, it will go right down the drain like finding alcohol on a alcoholic. Dramatic much? Heck. Ya. 


Grandma Gerri said...

What would you (we) do without that boy??? Andrew you are a HOOT! Opps I mean bad boy.

Grandma Gerri said...

First I am shocked you forgot to take pictures.

Second I'm shocked Fiel was the one to notice this first. Way to go Fiel!

Tice said...

I don't allow ACB near my children anywhere either. Ellie was the culprit. And if they want mouthwash, they're gettin' the clear stuff. That ACB is hell to clean. Whoever invented that obviously doesn't have curious children at their house.

I must admit that even *I'm* fascinated by the spout on that thing. And if I knew I wouldn't have to clean up the mess, I might play with it for hours on end as well.

crissy said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm never gonna buy the stuff now...
Gosh, you have such fun at your house!

Betsy said...

Oh yuck!

Had to laugh about the picture taking. My family asks me if I want to take a picture of their plate before we eat! ha-ha! A family with a blogger, what can you say!?

Sally Sirmans said...

So the part I don't get's a mouthwash that stains? Wouldn't it give you blue teeth?
Ick, what a mess.

Meghan said...

That is classic. This boy and I would be BFF's.