Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dearest Bloggy,

Here are a few things that happened or are about to happen today. 

We've have a few windy spells here today. Nothing too out of the ordinary, except for this: A big gust of wind came and blew Andrew face first onto the grass, this morning. I can't guarantee that I didn't laugh before I checked to see if he was okay. Sigh. It was pretty funny. 

At lunch Andrew dipped his chocolate chip cookie in his chicken noodle soup, and said "ahh. Just like mom makes it". Now... I don't know whether thats a zing against my cooking skillz, or he picked it up from one of his TV shows. 

Andrew asked me to sit next to him on the couch and watch Phineas and Ferb with him under his Georgia blanket. The only problem with that was his Georgia blanket has some mystery odor all over it, and has been waiting it's turn to go in the washing machine for the past... week now. After he found that out, he told me to sit in the chair and think about what I did. I obliged.

I have been waiting on a vury important package for Fiel all. Day. Long. It's suppose to be delivered no later than 3 pm. It's almost 3 pm and no signs of vury important package. Since I'm a good wife, the best really, I have happily waited and not showered. Still in my jammies. No need to be jealous. 
Being almost 3 pm, I soon have to walk to the bus stop to pick up Emme and Clee. I will do this in my jammies, and the bus driver {and stalking neighbor} will be so delighted. I'm more than happy to make someone else's day that much brighter. 

Well, like I mentioned. I must be on my way to the bus stop. 


Yours truly. 


Grandma Gerri said...

WOW you have a stalker? And did you think about what you did? Did Andrew keep the blanket on anyway? I suppose Andrew's okay right?

natalie said...

@mom: Yes, it's true. I have a older male neighbor/stalker who has come to me many times and tells me he likes to watch me walk to the bus stop. Perhaps this should creep me out, but it doesn't. Let him watch, I say!
Andrew is fine. He said he did it on purpose, but believe me, the look on his face was shocked and a wee bit embarrassed. Classic.
No. Andrew didn't want the smelling blanket. In fact, he's been telling me I need to wash it for days now. He was annoyed it wasn't done yet. I thought about what i've done, and yet it won't be washed for another few days.

Meg said...

Yes, I am jealous. Really.

Betsy said...

Don't all blankies have a mystery odor? And aren't they all washed in the late hours of the evening while little boys are asleep! least ours were!