Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mama's day lunch

"That must be Emme's mom" I hear two or three children say as I walked towards the line of Emme's classmates, holding a chick-fil-a bag and two sodas. Must have been the blonde hair that gave them the hint...
I was promptly on time, just like Emme had requested all week. I watched the other mother's start to come down the hallway one by one. I will no longer think of myself as one of the rare 27 year old {almost 28} mother's with an 8 year old child. I'm not. 
Emme was thrilled to see me. As she wrapped her arms around my waist, I wondered when the day was going to come when she starts to be embarrassed by me and ignore me all together. It didn't really matter, she likes being around me now, so I intend to live in the moment.
Emme's class invited their mother's to school for a mother's day lunch that they had been planning since January. 
We sat at picnic tables by the playground in the nice not-to-warm air, shaded by lots and lots of trees, met some of Emme's friends and their mother's, found out I was the devil for letting Emme watch "adult" shows like Hannah Montana and High School Musical {kidding...kinda}, and spent some quality time with my favorite little girl. 
Not only were we showered with yummy desserts, we were also given a wonderful handmade cookbook they have been working on for months. Each Friday, the class would make a dessert, write the recipe down, have Mrs Thompson take a picture of each student with the yummy treat of the week, and archive it into a book to give to us for mother's day. It is a very cute idea and so thoughtful. Emme was so proud. 
I enjoy the one on one time I get to share with Emme. Today will always be cherished. 


Betsy said...

So sweet...a perfect Mother's Day memory!

Grandma Gerri said...

Wow the cookbook looks great, and all desserts bonus!! What a great way to start Mother's day weekend!

Sally Sirmans said...

How fun! I get a kick out of Emme making you be on time. Kelly makes me be early. Way early.

I get the same whispers *that I must be Kelly's Mom*. I love it. No DNA test needed there.

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

I get that from Kirk's friends. Does that mean I look like a boy?

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

I get that from Kirk's friends. Does that mean I look like a boy?