Friday, May 8, 2009

simple things make me happy

Yesterday, I was at the WalMart (shame) waiting in the usual long line at the check out. Like always, I picked up the latest issue of People Magazine. Pop culture keeps me sane, lovable, and tolerable, okay?

It was the 100 most beautiful people edition. S C O R E ! ! Let's face it. Even though I disagree on a lot of their choices, I become completely taken in and oblivious to what's around me when I read this certain issue. Well I became too engrossed this time, because the scary lady in back of me bumped her cart into me and said "your turn. Move it!" I have to tell you, I thought the people in the south grew up being polite. Nope. Well, not where I am anyway.  Maybe a generation back or two, perhaps. Now don't think I don't like the dirty south because of that last comment. I do, and I also find disrespectful human beings to be funny at times. 
Moving on. 
I was only at page 15 when I had to put it back. I don't purchase such magazines. Is it considered stealing when I go to the store for the only purpose of reading People Weekly front to cover? I was sad. Sad that I will most likely not have any reason to go back to a store until next week, when the "100 most" will be gone and replaced with a new issue. :( 
But wait!! I reminded myself that my mom is a loyal People Weekly reader and she'll have this exact issue when I go to see her next month! J O Y ! 

I was reminded of how much I miss home, my mom, the lovely things and people (my select favorites) there. At that point, I felt completely happy that I will be home with loved ones in 4 weeks. It's funny how such a silly (so not silly) magazine can randomly turn my blah mood into happiness in a matter of seconds. 

ps: Is it still considered "home" when you haven't lived there in almost 5 years? 


april said...

i still catch myself referring to my parents' house as home and i haven't lived there for almost 19 years!!!

i saw some of this magazine at i have to say that i do like the choice of cristina applegate for the cover. i also hope it means abc won't cancel "samantha who" cuz i watch it and like it.

hope you mother's day lunch went well. that sounds fun.

Betsy said...

Oh funny. I bet you could find the results and pics on google if you can't wait until next month!

crissy said...

In answer to your last question: Yes, it is still "home" even if you don't officially live there. I still consider my parents house "home". Although, I don't think I'll feel the same once they move into a house in California.
As long as it has been your home, it will always be your home. That's what I think.

Grandma Gerri said...

You will always have and be welcome in a home where ever I am. I will save the mag for you. Can't wait to see you and the kids. will miss Fiel though.

Meg said...

I can't wait to see you! When is out first date?