Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ahoy-ahoy from Wawa

Here we are in Washington. So far so good. We hung out in Spokane Saturday and Sunday with my cousin Aldo, Steve and his family. Emme is new bffs with her second cousin/ cousin once removed (pst. I don't really know) Katie. We chilled, went to a lake for a brief shake, canoed with Al and Steve, chased Clemon up and down three flights of stairs, played in Steve's awesome home gym, danced around the thought of watching a movie in their home theater, instead monitored Clemon around the pricey movie equipment, played with a smoke machine, and played the awesome game Apple to Apples.

From there, we continued our road trip to Sequim to see my aunt Michelle (Emme's personal fav) and my uncle Mark and aunt Linda. That's where we are now. To my excitement, Sequim is just 10 minutes away from Port Angeles and an hour away from Forks. You best believe we're so going there! In fact, that's where we're headed today. Jealous? You should be. :)

'til next time, please enjoy this quote from road trippin' Emme:

"You know, kids can die from not having any fun..."

ps: I have lost all faith in google maps. Wah wah.


Trent and Amelia said...

I love your header thing- where in the world did you get that adorable font, I need it. And, I am so jealous- of all the years I lived in the west I never once made a trip to washington. Cant wait to see pictures!

The Sanders Family said...

"You know, kids can die from not having any fun..." I've got to try that one out! Thanks Emme!

Tice said...

I hope you have pictures of your experience outside of the Bella restaurant. Woosh!

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

Enjoy Twilight country for me. Remember, I (think) I'm the one that introduced you to the whole Edward thing!