Friday, June 5, 2009

And the card attached would say, thank you for being a friend.

Imagine this. A montage. No, a spectacular montage, filled with Clee's bffs and buddies from past to present. Imagine that spectacular montage being accompanied by the musical delight that is known as the Golden Girls theme song. 
Can you see it? 
Do you see that it is wonderful? 
Well keep that in mind when reading this, because even though that was the master plan for this here post, it isn't happening. 
Sad face. 
I can't find The Golden Girls theme song anywhere in websville for downloading purposes. Again with the sad face. 
Oh it what have been grand... 
Clee is known for picking an object to lurve, and then lurves it unconditionally. It's just how this boy rolls. 
It all started with a shovel
Then graduated to moon bounce
Next the glorious tree swing in aunt Karen's yard. 
Now thanks to the sewing talents of Brittany, his weighted lap pad {trying to come up with clever name for new obsession. Have any ideas, let me know}.
Long story short. The kiddo's and I are heading out to Utah this Monday, and I have been racking my brain with ways to keep Clee quiet on the first leg of our flight. That's when a weighted vest came to mind. But then I threw out the vest idea, because he would look so lame wearing one. 







It's kind of a law in Sirmans book of law type stuff. 


Ask around. 

That's when I stumbled across the weighted lap pad idea. But how to make it... hmm. Ding! I'll use a chamois pillowcase. Muy perfecto! I'm a friggin genius. Now, who do I have help make it? That's where Brittany comes to the rescue. 
I went over to her house tonight so she could help me make Clee's weighted lap pad for the aeroplane ride. She ended up doing the whole thing for me, while I loved on her sweet baby Rex. Slacker win for me! woot! 
It turned out perfect for Clee. I gave it to him as soon as we came home. 
He loved it. 
Nailed it.

A Clee bff win! 

He's in heaven and this is one blurry photo. Meh. 

Thanks again Brittany for making Clee's new bff. :) 


tice said...

He looks so sublimely happy. Gudnesch. He's so adorable. I could just eat him. Sounds like the perfect solution.

And I'll send lots of good vibes and prayers your way while you're on the plane. Here's hoping to a happy and peaceful plane trip with no mean flight attendants and some extremely helpful fellow passengers.

I don't tolerate unfriendliness towards my Clemon. Come to think of it, stick Emme and Andrew on the mean flight attendant. Those two can give her and any other unwelcoming passengers the what for. They're good at that.

sorichfamily said...

so great! i'm glad he loves it! those things are wonderful! good luck on your adventure! we lurve you lots!

Grandma Gerri said...

He looks so happy and content. Thank you a ton Brittnay!!!!!

Brittany said...

Yea! I'm so glad he likes it!

Sally Sirmans said...

First of all. I just want to eat that baby!

Secondly, what is it weighted down with?

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

Now that is thinking! He does look so happy. I am so dying to spend a year with him working on words and such, but Chad hasn't found a job in Florida yet!