Thursday, June 25, 2009

good morning fellow bloglians,

Natalie here from the beehive state some call Utah. We're still having a awesome time doing lots of fun things. More on that later. Today I have a few things on my mind. Thought I'd share them with you. 

Here we go:

  • Question. When you hear the phrase "here we go", does it make you think of *NSYNC?

  • I've been having Groundhog Day moments with a large Ford van, covered with "Go Cobras" and Yay Sasha!" written in window paint every morning. 

  • Seeing the word Cobra, made me want to jam to Cobra Starship. Very natural, no?

  • Only in Utah, can a frozen yogurt shop (cereal, perhaps?) called Spoon Me, thrive. Weird.

  • We're fixing to road trip it up to Washington state tomorrow. Road tripping with my keeds is no walk in the park, y'all. It's a drive in the car... PAH!! I made a funny. 

  • It might just be my quirky and fun loving personality, but when I think about the state of Washington... I think of the convenience store WaWa and it's awesome space ship-like cash wrap. 

  • This Utah air sure does make my hair look fantastic. Boy. Howdy. 

'Til next time, one love y'all. 


crissy said...

I was never an nsync fan. When I hear "here we go" it makes me think of baby signing time...

Isn't our lack of humidity awesome?!

Tice said...

Ha. This is my favoritest post of the day.

The Wawa is fantastic, although I heard rumor that it recently changed it's name. Wha?!

Whenever I heard the words In and Sync, I think of you.

I love Groundhog Day. "Am I right? Or am I right? Or am I right? Right right right."

Um, I wish I'd have thought of naming something Spoon Me.

Cobra Starship is simply amazing. Especially up close and in person.

Have fun on your road trip. Woot!

Sweet Pea said...

Your funny was a good one!