Saturday, July 25, 2009


We're back from Connecticut.
Did you miss us? I knew it...
Posting is on it's way.
In the mean time, please enjoy a wonderful moment I experienced while being a temporary new englander.
Remember when we left the nutmeg state and moved to the dirty south last July?
Well, I left a box of many great treasures behind and Kyle's house has been so nice letting them room in the basement. I'm talking about my *NSYNC collection.
The year was 1999. I.Was.Obsessed. During my unhealthy obsession, I collected shirts, little trinkets, pictures, magazines, ticket stubs, beanie baby bears, and McDonalds fry and drink cup {?....}, just to name a few.

Without further ado... me and *NSYNC collection reunite:

I used to believe that Fielding dear looked just like JC.
He would get so annoyed with me whenever I would pointed it out to people.

Shh. Bumper stickers for Bertha is a secret gift...

Voila! Bertha has got herself some new bling.
Happy day.


Tice said...

Ha. That was good times. I hope those bumper stickers survive better than some of my others. The "I love Intercourse [PA]" sticker met it's demise yesterday. Sad face.

Kalena said...

I had almost the same EXACT collection but of The Backstreet Boys. I had appox. 215 posters. Basically obsessive.

april said...

sorry i didn't make it to say good-bye to you. i'm pretty sad you don't have a reason to come back to the northeasat again.

lovin' the pic of you covered in all thing 'NSYNC. hope tice lurved her surprise.

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

This reunion was a joy to watch and I was blessed to be the photographer. Were there not many more photos? It was like watching Natalie open her presents on Christmas morning!

Meg said...

I SO shared this obsession with you! I must admit that I too still have many of those TV Guides, calendars, books, ect ect... Remember my fu-man-sketo (spelling?) shirt from Chris' clothing line? Ha! We are so cool and we know it.