Thursday, July 2, 2009

limpy gimpy

Yesterday in Port Angeles, while on awesome Twilight tour, I tried to prevent Clemon from falling in front of Bella and Edward's restaurant. Instead we both fell. Ha, I mean ouch...
Clemon is fine. Me? Not so much. I have a banged up knee on one leg, and a sprained foot on the other. I've been walking around like C3PO for the last 36 hours. Come to find out, walking like C3PO is a hawt look on me. I can rock the C3PO walk like no one else. Srsly.
Having great time in Sequim. It is absoultly beautiful out here. I would move to Washington in a heartbeat. Seattle, maybe?

1 comment:

Tice said...

I would totally move to Washington with you. It sounds beutimous and you know I lurves the rain.

As for your fall, well, I wish I would've been there. To laugh at you. And then help you up. Ha. I'm laughing just thinking about it.