Thursday, July 9, 2009

nutah: dinning/touring High School Musical aka: trip down memory lane

We met up with Mel and her gang for lunch at East High a few times during the trip. Emme and Andrew thought it was the coolest thing ever to be eating in the same commons area as the cast of high school musical ate, sang, and danced. After lunch, we took a tour around the school. I've mentioned that I went to East High school before it was cool, right? During our tour as the kids were recognizing places in parts of the movie, I couldn't help but to go through major flashbacks to when I was a student. Every hall reminded me of something that happened or something that was once said. It was good to have Mel there to reminisce with. I can't believe it's been 10 years since high school. I'm getting old. Thanks Mel, for strolling down memory lane with me.

Morgan, Emme, and Amanda eating lunch.

We dined with one of the stars of High School Musical.
Corbin Bleu joined us at our table. He seemed to be the silent type... Pah!

Clee was having the time of his life...

Emme, Amanda, Morgan

These two boys are too cute. Goodness.
Andrew and Landen watched a practice in awe.
Typical boys.

10 years ago, we would hang around this notorious leopard.
He was the place were we'd meet up after class.
10 years later, our children are all over him.
But not for the same reasons.
He was in the scene with Sharpay and Ryan.
That makes him super cool.


Tice said...

I love the one of Clee laying on the ground. And the one where it looks like you forced him to stand next to the leopard. Ha. Srsly. I just wanna squeeze him.

The Sanders Family said...

Good times then and now. The memories!

Grandma Gerri said...

I'm wondering if that shirt will be available for purchase at the reunion?

Meg said...

Whatever, "East wasn't cool" It WAS cool just becuase me and you went there! Haha!