Wednesday, July 8, 2009

nutah: high school was a long time ago.

There are a few people that I have wanted back into my life over the years. Meghan is one of the top. We've been friends since jr. high. We were freshman at west high together. We hung out in the stairwell during class together. We threw snowballs into spanish teachers classroom window together. We road tripped to Cali with my mom together. We transfered to east together. We were scolded by west high friends about the transfer together. We've gotten banned from Trolley Square forever together. BTW who was the one who actually threw the garbage can down the escalator? Anyone know? She was the one who introduced me DMB in 1995. She is a great friend. I love her. You crying yet, Meg?
I'm so glad to have been able to share some time with Meg, even if it wasn't enough. Perhaps she'll take a trip down to the drity south soon. And hopefully she'll bring her awesome textbook with her. ha.

Meg likes having tea parties alone. It's kinda her thing...

Andrew has a little crush on Meg. Here they are posing Ghostbusters 2 for the camera.

There's something in the air near Trolley Square...

I haven't seen Heidi in 7 years. It was nice to reconnect with my wild and crazy gf again! Love ya, girl. A few grils from the high gang got together for dinner one night. It's funny how we've changed so much and so little at the same time. 10 years ago, we were discussing how cute the Havili's were and running into yellow porsches. 10 years later we talked about our children, husbands, and houses.
It was nice to see everyone and to hear about their lives.
There were so many other peeps I wanted to see, but time ran out. Sad face. Maybe next visit.

Melissa and Heidi. Love these two girls!!

Me, Claudine, Jenny, Heidi, Melissa


Meg said...

Yes, I was getting a little teary-eyed reading this. I love it. Trip down memory lane...good memories. Here are a few more to dazzle you...goofing off in Pep club, Sister Johansen and Sister Atwood, listening to "How Bizarre" in your gold Honda, being stalked by crazy girls and not being able to get home, working at Orange Julius together with that scary guy and the classic...Aladdin (that was for you Gerri). I will def try to make it down to the dirty south. We didn't get enough time while you were here and there is much more mischief to be had. When do the kids start school again? :)

The Sanders Family said...

Good times. Let's do that again, but this time no talk about my awsome drivin. I kept ya all alive.