Thursday, July 9, 2009

nutah: our day in downtown SLC

The kids and I decided to take TRAX down to temple square the first day we saw sunshine. Riding TRAX is an adventure, and I'm glad we got it out of our systems. Most likely will never do TRAX again. Anywho, temple square is always so peaceful and gorgeous. We walked around the grounds, saw a beautiful bride in her wedding gown, Emme loved that, looked around at church history exhibits, and then went up to see the Christus . While we were enjoying the Christus' beauty, a sister missionary asked Emme what her favorite primary song was. "I Love To See The Temple" Emme replied. The sister missionary put it on over the pa system for everyone to enjoy. Emme thought that was pretty neat. Andrew was amazed at how big the statue of Jesus was. He asked: "Is this really how big Jesus was?" So cute!
After that, we hopped back on TRAX and headed over to The Gateway to have lunch, window shop, and play in the olympic water fountain. Clee really wanted to play in the water, but was a little timid at first. Emme coaxed him into the water. He had fun once in the water, but he soon got his fountain fill and was done after a few minutes.
After a long day in downtown SLC, we were pooped.


Tice said...

Clemon? Afraid of water? You nay say. And I love that one of Andrew laying on the ground.

Grandma Gerri said...

It looks like you guys all had a blast. I think Clee likes a little more control of his water, No?

Meg said...

I just have to say that Emme is the cutest big sister ever!