Thursday, July 9, 2009

nutah: rubbing elbows with the well known

We went to the kiddie hospital to see where sally worked aka help sick kids on one of our fun filled days. That's where we met up with spiderman.
Favorite quote about meeting spiderman, you ask?
"Did they deaded Peter Parker??"

Later that same day, we saw non other than Mark Twain himself. We were a little embarrassed at first, because we thought he was Einstein until we noticed the book in his hand was "Huckleberry Finn". Oops. Einstein fail. Can you just imagine what he was thinking when these two gorgeous ladies kept on referring to him as Einstein?? I'm turning red just thinking about it...

Look at the way he's snuggling up to me!! Somebody loves me.

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Tice said...

When you're here can you snuggle up to me like that? wink wink nom nom