Thursday, July 9, 2009

nutah: swimming at pam's

On the few days it didn't rain while we were visiting Utah, we swam. Well the kids did. Me not so much. I did get in one time to get Clee to venture away from the pool stairs. A win on my behalf. He loved going out to the deeper end where he and I would jump and jump and jump, making big splashes. His laugh was the best part. Sigh.
Emme loves to swim, do cannonballs, jump on peoples backs for dolphin rides, dive for rings, and splash me when I didn;t want to get wet.
Andrew got in a few times, but discovered he prefers Sally's hot tub to a swimming pool.
Thanks aunt Pam, for letting us swim in your perfect sized pool!

Me and Sally, poolside.

Yours truly being herself.

Aldo and Emme

Catching mermaids

Clee and grandma loves.


Tice said...

I'm totally diggin' your shades. Do they make them in turquoise?

Karen said...

Love the pictures of everyone having fun in the water. I just loved having Clee play with me in my pool the other day. When he started kissing me on the cheek, I knew I was forever his and will swim with him anytime, anywhere and anyday! What fun we had. Hope to see you around soon.