Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Road tripping... yay

Question: Why is it that whenever I road trip with my mama, we end up having a flat tire along the way? 4 times in a row, y'all. No coincidence here. Just plain bad luck.
We packed our bags and hit the road for a week in Washington state to visit with family. I loath road tripping. It would be fun sans 3 children, I suppose, but not with. We heard several variations of "are we there yet" throughout the trip. I'll fess up. I might have slipped one or two of those are we there yet's in myself. Long ride, y'all. Good grief!

Please note: my mama's styling talents in this first picture.
Loving it.

What's a road trip without Miley?

Good.Ness. Cuteness overload strait ahead.
Clee hand picked Dr. Suess' "ABC" book at the utah local bookstore.
He was so proud of himself for choosing this new book. He had a hard time letting it go for a brief moment so the cashier could ring it up. He was happy once the book returned safely in his hands.
He continues to love it.

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Tice said...

Kudos to your mom for her fashion statement. I wore my sunglasses over my glasses on the way home from delaweird. Well, for the brief time that the sun was up while I was driving. You know I'm a vampire driver and much prefer night traveling.